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Scanning Documents to PDF with OCR

Scanning documents to PDF fully searchable with OCR is a service that is readily available now with Humphreys Scanondemand™ Service . Humphreys are experts in scanning documents of every type and can cope with any quantity from a single file or a full archive, leaving you and your staff to do more profitable tasks! If you have a large quantity to scan and you’re not sure, let us scan a file for you and you can see what you will get for your money. All can be fully OCR searchable and as simple as opening a PDF file. Just think about document scanning without costly software.


What are the advantages of scanning your documents?

  • you’ll be able to use your building space more effectively or downsize
  • by storing electronically, you can avoid data loss – whether from theft, fire, water or deterioration
  • there will be no fading or degradation – scanning the information will capture the image forever at optimum quality
  • scanned information can be made available over your network, making it easily accessible to the team
  • you won’t have to waste time searching through your filing – and no lost documents!
  • your information can be easily distributed by email, saving time, effort and postage
  • your information will always be available making it ideal for fast-moving businesses and those with shift workers

What types of document can be scanned?

We provide a full range of scanning services including large format (up to A0 size subject to quantity), microfilm formats, CAD conversion, post scanning activities such as OCR and PDF conversion, as well as the storage and retrieval of scanned documents.

Is scanning all our documents going to be expensive?

Our prices are very competitive for this service but if you’re worried about the cost of such a major change in direction for your company, take a look at our ‘pay as you go’ scanning service. This system works for any company that generates large amounts of paperwork, or needs instant access to archived documents.

Alternatively, our SCANONDEMANDTM service is a very ecological way of getting your files returned quickly and efficiently.

Can we bring our documents to you?

As well as offering a collection service, we also have a  walk-in service at our Watford Scanning Bureau; documents are scanned and returned on CD, DVD or online.


Call us today on 01923 256475 or email us. If your documents are valuable, in constant use or highly confidential, ask about our onsite service. And if you need a more comprehensive solution ask about our Electronic Document Management service.