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Work Experience at Humphreys 1

 My work experience personal account

From the 16th June to the 19th June, I was given the opportunity by W. H. Humphreys and Son Ltd to carry out work experience within their company, shadowing various members of the team. Within the week, I was assigned a range of different tasks in order to test my skills and get an idea of what it feels like to work in an office based environment.

After a tour of the site and meeting the team members, Rob introduced me to the roles of all the staff involved and explained how these all linked together to enable the business to run smoothly.

Some of the responsibilities I was given later in the day included establishing both the strengths and weaknesses of the current websites the company publishes and presenting my findings to   both Rob and Angelina.

Whilst being in the presence of Angelina, I was able to observe how she dealt with a walk in customer which is less common than the larger jobs the team takes care of. Other tasks included attending marketing and sales meetings, reconciling the company’s credit card account, learning how to update a website, scanning and prepping jobs and also learning business promotion techniques in greater detail than what I already know.

The overall experience here at Humphreys has been fantastic and the staff have really helped me develop my knowledge regarding all different sectors involved within a business. I am now able to see what skills are my strongest and this will make it easier for me to choose the career I wish to follow in the future.

Nagma Hussain, Westfield Academy. 🙂