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Educational Clients – Case Studies

The organisation

A renowned London university.

The challenge

The challenge for the university was that the Accounts Department had started scanning all the tutors’ expenses and costs for auditing purposes.

However, they had a lack of skilled staff to maintain the volume of scanning in-house and the supervisory role was time consuming and a drain on staff resources.

In addition, the internal software was not user-friendly and unfit for purpose so the accounts process had become cumbersome and unwieldy.

The challenge, therefore, was to install a simple yet robust process to maintain the record of tutor expenses that was fully searchable but which would release university staff from the task.

The solution

Our solution was to provide a complete, outsourced Scanning service, in which we scanned the expense records in our dedicated Scanning Bureau.

The documents were indexed with the fields of search required by the university for easy retrieval.

Bespoke software was provided so that records could be quickly and securely accessed by authorised university staff via the web.

The outcome

The outcome was that  the university was able to release staff from scanning duties to do more important work.

There was no longer any requirement for the scanning to be supervised as Humphreys undertook all quality control.

Time was saved as we completed the scanning on time and records were instantly available online.

Costs were reduced as the records could be cost-effectively stored off-site or securely shredded by us when no longer required.

The Accounts Department could instantly resolve any queries so improving their processes and the space allocated for record storage was released for more profitable use.