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Corporate and Professional Clients – Case Studies

The company

BDML Connect Ltd

The sector

The company sells insurance services online.

The challenge

The challenge was that BDML needed proposal forms and all the client’s information (including any claims history) on their database for instant recall, so enabling them to instantly broker business on line.

However, the company’s internal scanning department could no longer cope with the increased volume of work caused by rapid growth. As a result, there were backlogs and delays with the inevitable likelihood of lost business.

The solution

Our solution was to provide a complete, outsourced Scanning service for the company, along with a new Document Management system, supported by new software.

Every day we scanned BDML’s incoming mail with critical insurance documents being indexed for instant retrieval.  So every client’s details could be seen instantly by authorised call centre staff via the web.

The outcome

The outcome was that BDML now had a very simple, but highly effective process which enabled them to rapidly grow their business without the intervention of their IT department, the employment of scanning operators or the additional capital cost of new scanners and additional office space.

The service could be scaled up for continued growth as BDML only paid for the service they used.

As a result the company grew rapidly and is now part of Capita Insurance Services Group Limited.

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