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Email & Document Encryption

Identity Based Document Security

Galaxkey provides an identity based email content security solution. When a user registers with Galaxkey, a security identity is created which is associated with the users email address. This identity is managed and stored by Galaxkey, in the cloud, and is accessible to any Galaxkey enabled client on proper authorisation and authentication.  The identities on the platform are completely secured with user provided unique credentials; ensuring secure user access. The administrators of corporate users have full control of their corporate user’s identities and data, while users maintain complete knowledge of their identity usage through the Galaxkey platform.

With advances of networking and communication technologies, e-mail has established itself as a formal communication medium. E-mail as a medium has gone past the mere communication tool and is being used for communicating confidential information including official documents ranging from notices, invoices and confirmations to name a few.  These developments also raise issues surrounding email security and privacy of data. E-mail is highly susceptible to various forms of attack, starting at the e-mail source point, onto the corporate server, including the stages in between, to the recipient’s server and finally the destination point. The risk of attack increases multi-fold at each point. There are various solutions offered to counteract these vulnerabilities at various points. These solutions offer a partial solution.  However, a robust solution that is able to address all the vulnerabilities and still maintain ultimate control with the end user, the sender and receiver, is desirable. This is the solution Galaxkey provides.

Galaxkey offers security solutions imbedded with state of the art technology to secure e-mail end-to-end and not only in transit; at the source and at the destination while maintaining control with the end user through proper authentication.

Galaxkey Addin

The Galaxkey Addin is a Microsoft Outlook Addin which transforms Outlook into a Galaxkey enabled client. The Addin intergrates with Outlook seamlessly and enables the user to send and receive secure emails.  The Galaxkey Addin provides the following features:

  • Allows users to send and receive secure emails.
  • Provides the user the ability to secure emails in the store (Exchange and IMAP folders).
  • Supports both corporate and individual accounts.
  • Supports corporate policy implementations.
  • Enables viewing of secure emails without compromising the security of originally secured email.
  • Provides the interface for viewing emails on any browser enabled device using Galaxkey Web Access.
  • Complication free installation. All identity management is in the cloud and is managed by Galaxkey.


Galaxkey Web Access (GWA)

The GWA is a web based Galaxkey client which enables the user to view secured emails. Since GWA is web based, it can be used to view secured emails on any browser enabled devices including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. The GWA can be hosted in-house for corporate accounts or users can opt to use the Galaxkey cloud based service.

Features & Benefits

Quick Deployment & Easy Operation

Within minutes Galaxkey can be deployed within a corporate environment. Securing your email communication is as easy as installing a simple application on the client machine. Galaxkey is completely transparent, working in the background relieving the corporate and user of any key management complexities.

Security Encryption

Galaxkey uses FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption security modules. FIPS 140 is a US Government standard that defines a minimum set of the security requirements for products that implement cryptography. This standard is designed for cryptographic modules that are used to secure sensitive information. The encryption modules can be safely run in FIPS only enabled environments. The system uses 2048-bit RSA Keys.

B2B and B2C Supported

Galaxkey provides a secure architecture to support both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer. You can choose to ask your peers to receive secure emails, even if they are not registered Galaxkey users. Galaxkey manages the entire registration process to enable recipients to receive secure emails.

Security on mobile devices

Using Galaxkey Web Access, companies can easily enable users to read and respond to secured emails without compromising email security on the mobile devices.

System Requirements

Since Galaxkey is a cloud based solution, it does not require additional hardware or software on your premises. The Outlook Addin currently supports Microsoft Outlook 2007 32bit, Microsoft Outlook 2010 32bit and Microsoft Outlook 2010 64bit.

Secures Entire Email Content

Galaxkey secures the entire email content including attachments. Galaxkey is able to secure emails in mail folders as well, allowing the user to secure previously received emails. Galaxkey provides a complete end-to-end solution and not only security in transit. The email is immediately secured when sent and is only made readable at its destination through proper authentication and authorisation.

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