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If it’s time for your business to consider a scanning service, it’s likely to be because you need to save space, save on storage costs or need easier access to your files. Whatever your reason might be for considering a new approach to your archives, we can help. And with our range of document management services available to you, we can store, scan, shred or a combination of all of them!

 We asked our clients what they liked most about our Scan-on-Demand™ service.

“I didn’t need to buy a license or any software”

Historically, you may have ruled out scanning because of the cost of a license, equipment or the associated software you’d need to have. Those days have gone. If anything, we’re now more likely to be able to interface with your existing industry software, such as Virtual Cabinet.

“Your price includes everything!”

Your quotation from us will include collection (if required), scanning and the shredding or storing or returning of your documents, as required. No hidden extras.

“You don’t have a minimum quantity”

Whether you have one file or a dozen boxes of files a week that you need scanning, it makes no difference to us.

“You scanned a sample file for FREE!”

The proof of the pudding is in the eating! We’ll do a test scan to show you how good the quality of our scanning is. We’ll provide a black and white version as well a colour one so you can choose which one you’d like. You’ll also have the choice of the scan files being pdfs or jpgs. The test scan can also demonstrate OCR, if needed.

“You only charged for what you scanned”

Because we run a sample scan on one of your typical files, we’ll understand how many pieces of paper are usually in a file and whether they’re single or double-sided sheets. This enables us to give you a fairly accurate quote. In the highly unlikely event that we’ve quoted for 25,000 pages and only scanned 20,000 pages, you’d only be charged for the 20,000.

“The flexibility and accessibility”

We can scan any size up to A3 on demand for you, with other sizes available by arrangement. With Scan-on-Demand™, the files you store with us can be retrieved within 30 minutes, which makes it far quicker and much cheaper than having your documents dispatched to you by van. And unlike a document scanner you’d typically find in an office, our scanner and associated software means that your files will be fully indexed for retrieval via your own server or network.

Store it. Scan it. Shred it.
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