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Pay as you go Scanning Service

There are a number of reasons for your business to look at the benefits of using our ‘pay as you go’ scanning service. Here are just a few;

  • Reviewing your document storage costs
  • Struggling to meet regulatory requirements on storing documents
  • Making your company’s processes more efficient
  • Assessing the health and safety risks associated with those heavy boxes

Whatever your reasons for considering a new approach to your archives, we can help. Because we provide a range of document management services, you’ll be able to use us to scan them, store them, shred them or a combination of all three!

What can we scan?

Anything on paper. Whether your files are full of bills, invoices, contracts, orders or just client files, we can scan them. Once they’re scanned, you’ll have instant and easy access to all those files.

How does it work?

We collect the files from you, and establish your search criteria so that we can index your documents correctly. Once we’ve scanned them, we save those scanned images and some easy to use software onto a fully indexed and searchable disc or memory stick. That disc (or memory stick) is then password-protected and hand-delivered to the person that needs it. Alternatively, we can scan them in and store them online (on the Humphreys Cloud) for a monthly charge. As for your original documents, we can store them, shred them or return them. We can even store a copy of the disc if you need it. We also offer full document management online at low cost and with no capital investment required.

What are the advantages of using the Humphreys Cloud?

Cloud technology is considered one of the best and safest solutions for easy document storage and archiving. It requires no physical storage space which means you’ll save money on property rental. You’ll be able to access even your oldest archives instantly, from anywhere in the world.

Do we have to scan everything?

One of the benefits of using our ‘pay as you go’ service is that it’s so flexible. We can scan just one lever arch file right through to your complete archive. Don’t forget that we can store or shred anything that’s no longer needed onsite.

What type of companies can benefit from ‘pay as you go’ scanning?

Any business that generates a huge amount of paperwork, or needs instant access to archived documents could benefit. Typically these include insurance companies, accountants, solicitors, leasing companies, local authorities, construction companies and debt recovery firms. How much paper does your company generate?

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