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Shredding Large Quantities

Discounts on Large or Bulk Shredding Quantities*

Shredding large quantities or Bulk shredding of paper is no longer a problem with the  Shred-on-demand service which helps companies shred large quantities of paper files on a commercial scale, shred them in a short space of time  in a way that makes sure they  comply with the data protection act.

if you need a shredding collected in a hurry call our direct shredding line 01923 256475 or email shredding@datamanagement.co.uk

If your staff are too busy we can offer a full packing and transport service where you identify the files or folders to go and we will pack and uplift all the older paper for shredding. This takes away  any worries about your staff and manual handling regulations.


Your first thought should be Data Protection.

    • Who can I trust?
    • Where will it end up after it is shredded?
    • Can they handle large quantities?
    • How long have they been established?
    • Who uses them?
    • How soon can they come

You can have large quantities of cartons or files taken away or if the documents are still in situ, we can provide a number of containers to load the files into. from sacks that hold 60 litres, confi bins which hold 120 litres,  and if access allows it,  four wheeled Maxi bins or multiples of that hold 1100 litres each really shredding on an industrial scale. Remember no need to remove staples or paper clips, the shredder will even cope with Lever Arch files. All metal is removed during the paper recycling process.

*Any shredding quantity over one cubic metre will attract a 20 % discount. Half cubic metre bins or multiples of, can be provided or we can collect in Archive cartons, sacks or folders.