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Confidential Paper Shredding for Schools

  • No minimum quantity

We are aware that schools are busy places, and are not the kind of buildings with extra storage space. That is why Humphreys will collect from you any number of sacks or secure bins as you may have.  No more  waiting until you to get a “load” together. Call us when ever you have a need.

  • Collection within two working days or better!

Because we are already offering a paper shredding service to many businesses and schools  in your area on a daily basis we promise to  collect your paper shredding within two working days. Call now and we will tell you how soon your shredding could be out from under your feet.

  • Competitively-priced support

Our Document shredding service won’t cost you the earth. We’ll even supply you with secure mobile shredding bins, shredding sacks or desk side shredding containers to make it easier for your staff to securely dispose of your confidential documents. You can even leave files in the boxes that they are in and we will take them, straight out of the room they are stored in and shred them. Ask for a reference from another school.


  • Bagged, binned or bound?

with the secure bin option you can wheel the bin to the area the paperwork is stored and then wheel the bin to the next location avoiding having to carry heavy paperwork or files.

  • Confidential shredding collection

Unlike other companies that will  only collect from your reception area, we’ll collect your confidential waste from where it’s actually stored. In your basement, boiler room or on the 14th floor? Not a problem for us. Book a collection.

  • An audit trail for disposal

You’ll receive a receipt when we collect your confidential waste. An audit trail is maintained from that collection until it’s shredded, when you’ll receive a certification of destruction. This helps you with evidence that you’re implementing your schools paper disposal policies and adhering to the Data Protection Act.


  • Don’t forget about our W.E.E.E.Service

You can have all your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ( W.E.E.E. ) removed at the same time as your document shredding. Only one or two items? No problem! If we are there collecting your shredding, there will be no additional transport charge just a small charge per item for disposal.

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